EAPL operates in the south west by providing skilled and flexible resource to support our valued customer’s needs.

European Active Project Ltd Falmouth

The Docks, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 4NR
Contact: Jody Marr
+44 (0) 1326 314554
+44 (0) 7969 256718

About our
Falmouth Facility

We are proud to work alongside A&P Falmouth in delivering support across all ship yard trades which include steelwork, mechanical engineering and coatings.

Our approach is managed and supervised with an emphasis on safety, quality and flexibility as we well understand the ebb and flow of resource demand.

We also support many other independent customers in the area, which include Penzance Dry Dock, Keynvor Morlift and the Steamship Company.


penzance dry dock logo

Penzance Dry Dock

Jamie Murphy - CEO

We’ve been working closely with EAPL since we took over the operation of Penzance Dry dock back in 2021, the diverse skill set of the team and the management have allowed us to take on projects which have never been seen at this facility before.  EAPL’s support has helped us see the successful delivery of multiple projects, and we will continue to work with EAPL for the large projects in the future. Their agile approach enables us to work around the clock to see time and tide restraints met; fill the skills gap in the industry at the moment, while taking the time to pass on their expertise to our own developing workforce.

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