Boskalis, Colwyn Bay

EAP Ltd supported Boskalis in reclaiming around 500 tons of sand from Sandbar, located around 20 miles out to sea and rebuilding the shore beach that has eroded over the last 30 years.


This pipe once assembled would be towed out to sea, lowered to the sea bed, and commence pumping in stages.

EAPL would supply labour and technical support to assemble 83 pieces of very large diameter pipe, 800mm x 25mm wall thickness, each section would be 12 metres long to produce one pipe that measured around 996 metres long.

The whole project would be conducted on the foreshore at Colwyn Bay so extremely high profile with local and national media involved.

As the tender was progressing our client then requested all plant and equipment must be provided by the winning contractor.


Due to many aspects surrounding this project, the tender process was demanding.

All criteria had to be agreed before being awarded with the initial enquiry received by EAPL on the 28th April 2022 and awarded to EAPL on the 09/05/2022.

The project timescales agreed was commencement on the 22/05/2022 and completed of this mobilization 2 weeks later.

Once completed a smaller team would remain on site to cut pipes back into 12-meter sections.

works identified

To work with our client on feasibility of component assembly within the timeframe permitted, evaluating new assets to achieve the demands and again within the timeframe allowed.

New tenting arrangement and configuration on the beach so allowing weld free issues. Providing ongoing expertise in this project.

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